Comedian D.L. Hughley supports Serena Williams, says women get unfairly penalized for things men do all the time

By swankyloaded:

Comedian D.L. Hughley has taken sides with Serena Williams after her epic outburst at the US Open finals.

Hughley said Serena absolutely has a point about women getting unfairly penalized for things men do all the time. He went on to point to Martha Stewart as an example. 

Hughley was asked by TMZ if Serena was justified in her outburst after an umpire took a point away from her, and then a whole game.

Serena called the umpire a thief then later said male players have said harsher things yet are hardly reprimanded as severely as she was.

D.L. Hughley agreed with Serena, and pointed out other epic outburst from men like Andre Agassi and John McEnroe. McEnroe once called an umpire a "jerk" and demanded he be replaced mid-game.

D.L. went on to point out that Martha Stewart went to jail for illegally pocketing around $40,000. He insinuates that a high-profile man who might've been caught up in a similar case probably wouldn't have seen jail time.


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