Couple admit having sex with their dog in home-made padded sex chamber and filming it

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A couple who had sex with their dog in a home-made sex chamber are facing jail.

Frederick Manzanares, 51, and Janette Solano, 49, had sex with the dog named Bubba in a converted motorhome. Manzanares built a customised bench with red padding for the revolting sexual acts in his garden. He also used a dog hormone to arouse Bubba.

Police said they found video footage of Manzanares, Solano and their pet having sex in Aurora, Colorado.



It was also revealed that the couple fought over Bubba. Solano told officers she was "somewhat jealous" of Manzanares’ relationship with the dog.

The pair were arrested in March following a year-long probe after Solano called police to report domestic violence. She told an officer that she was leaving Manzanares because he pressured her into having sex with Bubba. She claimed he introduced her to bestiality after she found photos on their shared laptop, says the court papers. Solano confronted him and he told her she needed to have an open mind.



"He then spent the next six months introducing her to bestiality videos, bestiality forums, as well as providing her different literature on bestiality," the documents say.

Bubba was seized from Manzanares and is likely to find a new home after a behavioural assessment by the Aurora Animal Shelter.



Bestiality falls under animal cruelty laws in the state and Manzanares has pleaded guilty to two counts. He could be jailed for up to 18 months on each charge when sentenced next month. Solano has pleaded guilty to one count. She negotiated a deferred judgment and sentence and a judge will decide whether to accept the plea deal during a hearing next Monday, reports the Denver Post.

Ecology and evolutionary biology professor Marc Bekoff said most people would be surprised about the extent of bestiality and the people who committed it.

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