Jealous woman arrested for threatening her friend using a fake Facebook page

By swankyloaded:

A woman has been arrested in Delta state for creating a fake Facebook account to use in threatening her friend.


Glory was reportedly jealous of Susan who is dating a guy that Glory has an interest in. To break the relationship between Susan and her boyfriend, Glory created a new Facebook account with photos of someone else to threaten Susan. She told Susan, using the fake Facebook account that her boyfriend is her man and warned her to stop seeing him, else she will kill her.


Tired on the online bullying, Susan traced the owner of the photos on the Facebook account threatening her and found out that the real owner of the photo is innocent and it is her best friend Glory who was behind the account. She caught Glory after she got hold of Glory's phone and saw the chats she was receiving on Glory's phone.


According to Sapele Oghenek, the owner of the photos which Glory was using on the fake Facebook account had Glory arrested. She was later released on bail after being given a warning. 


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