Sister found brother hanged in school toilets when she recognised his phone’s ring tone

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The father of a bullied schoolboy who committed suicide by hanging himself in the school toilets two weeks ago has told how his daughter was the first person to find his body.


Bradley John, 14, took his own life after missing lessons at St John Lloyd Roman Catholic School in Llanelli, South Wales. After hearing that he had missed his lessons, his younger sister, Danielle, 12, went straight to the toilets as the youngster would often hide there from bullies. But as she entered, she heard her brother’s phone ringing on the other side of the door as friends tried to call him.



Her father Byron John told ITV’s This Morning how the 12-year-old alerted two members of staff who unlocked the door from the outside to find him hanged.



Mr John said:

Danielle knew straight away where he’d be because that was where he’d go. The worst thing about it was she heard his phone on the other side of the door as his phone was in his bag.

She called two members of staff who unlocked the door from the outside but they wouldn’t go in. She was frantic.

The paramedics were incredible because the chances are he’d been there for an hour and they still tried to save him, they tried for an hour and a half. But the minute I saw him, I knew we’d lost him.


Bradley was being treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) just weeks before his death. Mr John revealed how his son’s condition made him an easy "target" for bullies and said that he had "broken down" before Easter.

He was not ordinary. He dared to be different. His ADHD would cause him to get frustrated. It would cause him to have the occasional meltdown. It made him sensitive and he took things to heart.

He wanted everyone to love him and I think when people were nasty to him he didn’t understand that.


Mr John, 53, previously said he was going to write a formal letter of complaint to the school demanding that head Ashley Howells resigns. He criticised the school’s anti-bullying policy and statements made by staff, allegedly claiming "support was in place for Danielle".



He claims the school have not even called to ask how Danielle is, who has been "going through hell" since finding her brother.

A spokesperson for Carmarthenshire Council said a formal investigation is underway and that support would be offered "in every way possible", reports.

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